Sunday, October 31, 2010

Celebration and Alfred Hitchcock

This was a  night of a vegetable dinner, a getting ready of the costumes, a sustainable house halloween party, a beautiful trumpet music, a healthy/healing conversation, a martinelli's apple cider, and an Alfred Hitchcock 1960's film (Psycho)!

Kristin and I loving our vegetable dinner:

Us all about to head out to the party at the CCAT house:

Our Celebration and Hitchcock portion of the night:

Then we all went to sleep a little freaked out. 
Thank You Alfred.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Great Acorn Squash and Night Running

Today I made Great Acorn Squash for dinner. I also ended up making an improv great acorn squash cheese sauce to go over some chicken.

I am learning to clean up all my dishes all at once. It is difficult. I wish I had my own personal dish washing person who would clean up my dishes for me.

Tonight I discovered the new soccer field just behind the building I live in. So when I needed a study break I ran approximately a mile in the dark, cold, and rainy with my head light on my head. I didn't trip once, however I did return to my apartment with sore lungs and a cough. I'm hoping it's nothing and that I just need to run MORE so that this reaction is not an ongoing re-occurrence.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My greatest joy

My greatest joy currently is getting to the end of a lotion bottle, to the end of a bar of soap, to the end of the floss roll, to the end of the shampoo and conditioner and having less on my bathroom and shower shelves. I think this is really weird, and I don't really know where my motivation is. I don't like taking tests and that's all I am supposed to be doing with my life right now. I am supposed to be studying my hardest for my exams. I think I spend more time freaking out about studying than I actually study.

I remember liking to take tests when I was prepared for them. I was happy and excited. Perhaps that is why I am feeling like this. Perhaps it is because I am not studying well, therefore I freak out about studying, therefore I can't study because I am freaking out.

I think I just need a great SHOVE back into the row of things. I need a routine, a calm study habit, and a balance. I need a million hours of calm sleep.

I would like a kitten as well, but where I live we aren't allowed to have living animal pets like kittens.

October 19th, This is a Tuesday

Today I broke my fast for half of a terrible cold tamale and badly sliced mushrooms.
I escaped a parking ticket. I bought shampoo, conditioner. I freaked out about my life. I got distracted. I texted. I received the book I purchased from my friend. I read the book.

Today was the first day of my Organic Chemistry class. It is on Tuesdays and Thursdays (my already busy days) from 11am-11:50am. I think it is my favorite class. My professor's arms were covered in chalk dust by the end of the 50 minutes of his lecture. He talks about molecular formulas like you would talk about putting on Velcro shoes, easy as cake! Right?! He talks so fast and writes like a mad man on that black board. He tries to teach us condensed structural formulas so he can add some rests into his measures, but fails to calm down.

My roommate wrote a French poem tonight and read it to me in French. Then she read it to me in English. I liked it in French and I liked it in English. I can't read French, but I can read English.