Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My greatest joy

My greatest joy currently is getting to the end of a lotion bottle, to the end of a bar of soap, to the end of the floss roll, to the end of the shampoo and conditioner and having less on my bathroom and shower shelves. I think this is really weird, and I don't really know where my motivation is. I don't like taking tests and that's all I am supposed to be doing with my life right now. I am supposed to be studying my hardest for my exams. I think I spend more time freaking out about studying than I actually study.

I remember liking to take tests when I was prepared for them. I was happy and excited. Perhaps that is why I am feeling like this. Perhaps it is because I am not studying well, therefore I freak out about studying, therefore I can't study because I am freaking out.

I think I just need a great SHOVE back into the row of things. I need a routine, a calm study habit, and a balance. I need a million hours of calm sleep.

I would like a kitten as well, but where I live we aren't allowed to have living animal pets like kittens.