Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Day

I am so old now. I am complete in my quest of covering my head with wide array of white and gray locks. My wrinkles show who I am. My beautiful children now come bringing their beautiful children over the house. My honey and I have paid off mortgage last year. I am home and I am loving every minute of it. We are planning to rent the side house along with giving unlimited availability of the glorious backyard/community garden to families in need. Honey and I are going to another country next year. We are going to love the widows and the orphans by teaching them sustainable ways of how to produce clothing for themselves as well as produce a revenue from our many little lambs that we have raised over time (which we will give to them). It has been a beautiful day. The whole family came over our house to celebrate my Birthday. We all sang together after dinner while drinking hot apple cider that Honey and I made from this seasons harvest of tasty apples, grown right from the backyard orchard. I love listening to my family sing and laugh together by the fire. It's so funny to remember back when I was in college feeling like my life would never bring me joy, only pain and suffering. I am so glad I have followed the Good Lord's plan for my life. I couldn't have asked for a better family or for a better life. The Great Shepherd had kept His promise in giving me a joy I can't explain and can't run out of.

This is an old picture of when my mother sent me purple orchids in the mail for my birthday while I was away from home in my second year of college at Humboldt University. The little lady on the right side of the photo was my roommate Kristin Hall, such a sweetie pie. Kristin Hall and I laughed and cooked together all the time that year.