Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't bring a Hummer to Humboldt, or anywhere for that matter

Getting back home from dropping off leaks to a friend, I see a big black Hummer sprayed with red spray-paint. There were three or four girls all around the vehicle and one of them was on their cell phone. "Daaadyyy...!"

My first thought was, 'Oh no that's terrible! Why would someone vandalize a poor students car like that!?' However, I began answer my own question. Why these girls would dare to bring a car like that to a place like this? Humboldt County is known for relatively just two things. It's marijuana and it's hippies. I thought that even though our county is a county that totally rejects inefficient monster cars, why do we ever, non-hippies included, think that this is an acceptable car to be driving? Why do we have to be hippies in order to be aware of the amount of Green House Gas emissions we produce annually by driving our cars around?

I thought to myself, what is the difference between a Hummer and my little Hyundai accent?

Well a Hummer's MPG (city) runs about 13, whilst mine at about 28. A Hummer's MPG (highway) is 16, whilst mine is 34. So someone in ownership of a Hummer might pay twice as much for gas a year as what I would. Also the amount for Green House Gas Emissions are a little over twice a much for a Hummer as a Hyundai, with a Hummer at 13.1 tons per year and a Hyundai at 6.1 tons per year (assuming you've driven about 15,000 miles that year).

6.1 tons per year? How could I be doing that and not even realize it until I read about it from my 20 minutes of internet research?

So I guess...ride your bike!