Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trees and I

Today I took a nap outside next to the redwood trees. I actually didn't take a nap. I watched these black birds fly around and land on some type of tree that had grown really little green apples. The black birds kept smacking the branches with their black beaks until the little green apples fell on the ground. I hoped no black birds would poop on me. I called my mom and talked to her until my phone was too tired to keep service. I closed my eyes and absorbed all the cold from the ground. I was hoping I'd eventually get the ground warm and then I wouldn't have to be cold anymore. I failed at warming the ground. I was cold until I stood up and went back to class. I was cold in class, then the sun hit me when the curtains were pulled and even the hair on my head was warm. After class I went to my room and took a real nap, for two hours. I woke up and studied Organic Chemistry in my bed. I went to the library to study more. I can't wait to listen to Christmas music, but until then some Feist might do the trick.