Saturday, December 11, 2010


I borrowed my neighbor's long board tonight and attempted to ride it as we all went briefly into town to rent a movie and get donuts. It was fun and made me want to be a pro long boarder, or at least feel like a natural when I ride it. So Christmas break is in a week, less than a week now, and during that time I believe I will try as much as possible to ride my brother's long board around everywhere, even far across town. I'll wear a helmet don't worry.

Also my friend Acey is out on his long bicycle trip with his sister and friend and it has totally made me want to have an adventure like that as well. I have no idea how I would even begin to 'plan' for a trip like that or prepare myself to be capable of enduring it. I suppose my long board will help me get out and about more since it'll be like I want to get outside to ride it!

Tomorrow, Saturday, some friends and I are going to lunch and then after to see the movie '127 hours'. Should be awesome. After that Kristin and I are going to study and do homework.

Sunday, I need to have all the Christmas songs picked out and ready to be played in front of people. The church I go to, Cataylst, is having a Christmas party in the morning and a night service. I'm not sure if I'm playing only at the night one or at the morning one as well. I'll have to find out soon. I don't know why I'm typing out what I'm thinking right now. I have to think slower so that I can type it all down.

I bought Christmas presents today! I still need to get my Dad something. Don't tell me a belt, a wallet, or a fishing license. I've already thought of all of those, and how boring they all sound for him to open on Christmas morning. He says he wants a 'fresh red shirt', but I always get him that AND something else. Now what should be the something else?!

Good night!
Merry Christmas!