Monday, February 28, 2011

The Welcome Wagon

The Welcome Wagon is my most favorite Christian music. I am just in total awe of how sweet and beautiful the voices and the banjo sound. I would love to be apart of something like The Welcome Wagon someday.

I am currently finishing up my second semester of my sophomore year of college. I will have to move at the end of the semester. I am learning to trust God with where I will end up for the Fall. Why does it always happen that when I finally get the friends I've been asking for, I get taken away from them? I am so angry that this always happens to me. Why does God have this for me every time? I just want to be comfortable and be able to laugh with the people I love, but then I have to leave. It's so discouraging.

I would like a great big group of funny, musically talented, God-loving people. I just got this within that last couple months. Hooray.

These photos are of some friends and I playing a show in a bar in Crescent City this last weekend:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

All Deighted People can drink some alcohol

It's Thursday and I just spent the last hour or so recording/videoing myself playing a lot of the songs I've written. When I watch myself play I realize how awfully depressing I look. I don't mean to look sad, but when I smile I feel like it takes away my concentration from singing and playing. I'm wishing I would have the problem of smiling too much, instead of too little. I found the perfect deal on craigs list today for a 100$ banjo. However, I have a feeling the guy won't be calling or emailing me back. I've called him twice and emailed him and he isn't responding.

Tomorrow I plan to either sleep in till 11:30 or get up really early. I hope I don't have another dream like I did last night. It's one of those dreams that picks you up from where you think you are and drops you back into what you thought you had gotten over last year.

Tomorrow is Friday:
it should/might look like this:

class till 2
print out resume
dress up
take resume to jitter bean
ask melody if i can borrow her sewing machine
sew and finish knitted grocery bag for Vallerie
do homework or waste time at coffee house
drinks and dessert party
laundry/pack for Crescent City show on Saturday
clean room

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Mysterious Production of Eggs

I'm currently listening to more Sufjan Stevens and Andrew Bird along with a fair amount of Modern Country music. I think I might have made up that term... 'Modern Country' but to define it simply, it's country that you would commonly hear on the radio.

Who knew Sufjan Stevens was influenced by Simon and Garfunkel!...(or maybe it's just me!?)

Sufjan Stevens
Album: All Delighted People EP
Song: All Delighted People
@ the third minute and fifty fifth second "Hello darkness my old friend"

I'm really liking this album, haven't listened to the whole album yet but I'm excited for it! I've been behind in listening to his music. Maybe just stuck in the same albums and haven't adventured into his older and newer albums? Well no more! The bolded are the ones I listen to mostly, the unbolded are the ones I'm going to familiarize myself with soon!

2000 A Sun Came

2001 Enjoy Your Rabbit

2003 Michigan

2004 Seven Swans

2005 Illinois

2006 The Avalanche: Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois Album

2006 Songs for Christmas

2009 The BQE

2010 All Delighted People

2010 The Age of Adz

He's so great!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have been dealing with nursing program worries and frets. Now I have decided that I don't need to be in charge of all those worries. It's dreadful being too serious about life. I have organized my options. I think I favor some over others but I'll be able to find joy where ever I end up. The bullets that are for 'Fall 2012' will require me to do something for a year and then return to school once I'm accepted to a nursing program.

Things that could happen:

  • I could go to Humboldt in the Fall of 2011

  • I could get into Modesto Junior College in the Fall of 2011

  • I could to Liberty University in Virginia in the Fall of 2011

  • I could retake Medical Microbiology and get an A and then reapply to Humboldt or another CSU for Fall 2012

  • I could go to a Santa Maria Nursing Program in Fall of 2012

  • I could go to Delta College in Fall of 2012

  • I could go to College of the Redwoods in Humboldt in Fall of 2012

  • I could go to Humboldt in the Fall of 2012 (if the nursing program is existing still)

  • I could go to Modesto Junior College in the Fall of 2012