Thursday, February 24, 2011

All Deighted People can drink some alcohol

It's Thursday and I just spent the last hour or so recording/videoing myself playing a lot of the songs I've written. When I watch myself play I realize how awfully depressing I look. I don't mean to look sad, but when I smile I feel like it takes away my concentration from singing and playing. I'm wishing I would have the problem of smiling too much, instead of too little. I found the perfect deal on craigs list today for a 100$ banjo. However, I have a feeling the guy won't be calling or emailing me back. I've called him twice and emailed him and he isn't responding.

Tomorrow I plan to either sleep in till 11:30 or get up really early. I hope I don't have another dream like I did last night. It's one of those dreams that picks you up from where you think you are and drops you back into what you thought you had gotten over last year.

Tomorrow is Friday:
it should/might look like this:

class till 2
print out resume
dress up
take resume to jitter bean
ask melody if i can borrow her sewing machine
sew and finish knitted grocery bag for Vallerie
do homework or waste time at coffee house
drinks and dessert party
laundry/pack for Crescent City show on Saturday
clean room