Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Mysterious Production of Eggs

I'm currently listening to more Sufjan Stevens and Andrew Bird along with a fair amount of Modern Country music. I think I might have made up that term... 'Modern Country' but to define it simply, it's country that you would commonly hear on the radio.

Who knew Sufjan Stevens was influenced by Simon and Garfunkel!...(or maybe it's just me!?)

Sufjan Stevens
Album: All Delighted People EP
Song: All Delighted People
@ the third minute and fifty fifth second "Hello darkness my old friend"

I'm really liking this album, haven't listened to the whole album yet but I'm excited for it! I've been behind in listening to his music. Maybe just stuck in the same albums and haven't adventured into his older and newer albums? Well no more! The bolded are the ones I listen to mostly, the unbolded are the ones I'm going to familiarize myself with soon!

2000 A Sun Came

2001 Enjoy Your Rabbit

2003 Michigan

2004 Seven Swans

2005 Illinois

2006 The Avalanche: Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois Album

2006 Songs for Christmas

2009 The BQE

2010 All Delighted People

2010 The Age of Adz

He's so great!