Thursday, March 31, 2011

Homemade yogurt and carrot soup

It was a success! My yogurt was the best! I think next time I make it, I'll give it a little more sitting time to make it a bit more solid but it tastes like perfect original non-fat yogurt. I'm so pleased! I bet if I use whole milk next time, it will be to-die-for.

To start another batch all that is needed is 2 tbs left over from your last batch and the milk you will be using. Why ever store-bought was instilled into my ideas of yogurt I'll never know. It's hardly any work at all!

Oh and one more thing. If you try this out, there will be liquid at the top. DON'T THROW IT AWAY! IT'S BUTTERMILK PEOPLE! My idea was to make only the best pancakes ever known to man kind, buttermilk pancakes!

After I'm a total pro at making homemade yogurt, I'll try the flavored yogurts, first with vanilla and then on to bigger and better things. However, if I never get around to it, that'll be fine too because this original plain yogurt is just the bees knees!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yo Gurt!

My roommate made a cheesy joke as we were reading NPR's recent article on how to make homemade yogurt. She was typing the word 'yogurt' while said aloud 'yogurt..Yo Gurt!' I thought it was super funny and decided that she would name her son (if she ever has one) Gurt. That way we could say 'Yo Gurt!' Get it? Like yogurt!

Tonight after eating lemon pudding with Kristen we began to make our very first batch of yogurt!

Basically all we did tonight is bring four cups of Non-Fat Humboldt milk to a boil and pour it into a plastic tupper-ware container. We waited until the hot milk had cooled down and was safe enough for a pinky finger to touch before we added 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt into the 4 cups of milk. By this time, the roommate had gone to bed so I was the one who added the yogurt cultures into the milk, put the lid on, wrapped it with blankets and placed it in the microwave.

Tomorrow morning will be a little like Christmas for me if my first yogurt attempt turns out.
By golly I'm so excited I don't want to sleep!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello & Welcome to the show.

I am having more and more fun with my friends lately, which means I am getting more and more depressed. Sounds like a broken logic right? Due to my leaving soon, probably leaving anyways, I will be leaving Humboldt and friends in early May.

I have dreams about my dreams coming true. I write songs of what I'd like to happen. And then I wake up in the morning and decide not to go to class on the day that is the most important for the whole week.

This morning I woke up and got ready early so I could go to the library and printout my lab paper out before my physiology lecture and lab. For some reason I decided that I didn't need to go to the library and climbed back into bed. I told myself, well it's only 9:38am, so you'll just stay in bed until 9:47am and then grab your bag and go to lecture. Soon it was 9:50am and I didn't leave my bed. I took a soft light blue blanket from home on the way back to Humboldt from Spring Break, maybe I can blame that on my staying in bed until the afternoon. The whole ''it was so comfortable I couldn't leave'' excuse. But I know the real reason. Sadness. It's a happy sadness though. I'm having so much fun that knowing I won't have this after I leave makes me sad.

My roommates told me I'm the quietest human being after I stumbled out of my bedroom this afternoon. They didn't know I was home, apparently this isn't the first time that has happened. I am a quiet human being.

I just think of why God would have this happen to me, again. Is it this time that I'm supposed to stand up for myself and come the realization that I am an adult who can choose, and choose what I want? Or am I supposed to treat my life like one big business decision, like my grandpa told me. My parents told me that my grandpa was very wise in saying that, which screwed up my train of thought. My train of thought to that wise ideal.. ''that's bull shit, life isn't a business decision''. Do I want to treat my life like a human business decision? What am I supposed to do?

During Spring Break I made Tomato Chicken soup:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inconsistent living styles?

Mini road trip home by water your plants
Mini road trip home a photo by water your plants on Flickr.
I find it funny that I think I would enjoy duck hunting and some good hardy country music to go along with my new Vogue subscription.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I thought my hair looked nice today,

Here's a picture of my hair:

Here's a picture of my lunch I made after church:

I'm having some major problems deciding whether or not I should move away from Humboldt. In many ways I feel like I should go, in many ways I feel like I should stay. I haven't prayed nearly enough, I'm hoping why that is why I am so wishy-washy. Today my dad agreed on this statement I made (something to this effect..):

"God just wants me to live my life bringing Him glory, that being taken into account, I can do whatever I want."

I really just want God to just smack some peace into me and help me feel content about my decision. Ironically, it's my freedom that is making me so confused. It is my freedom that is making my life so hard right now. I like my freedom, I just don't like not knowing if I'm making the right choice or not. I just don't want to look back and wish I would have chose the other option.

My friend told me it sounded like my heart wanted to stay in Humboldt and not move.

So my conclusion is:


Friday, March 11, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


the salt in your eyes was not a surprise
i was waiting in a field for you
your heart as it cooks in a kitchen for two
wine glasses stay  full on the table
the lake will climb up as it rains
you'll sit on your hands and ask whose to blame

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beer Bread

Beer bread (1st loaf..)

Beer Bread by water your plants
Beer Bread a photo by water your plants on Flickr.

           This is my first attempt at making Beer Bread. The bread tasted delicious, however it did not turn out as beer-y as I wanted it to. I planned to make my first loaf before I made my 'real' loaves for which I'm planning on taking to a Fat Tuesday party with some friends. So tonight, or this morning, I decided to replace the water asked for in the recipe with more beer. I figured, no water and more beer must result in a very beer-y tasting bread. So tonight while I sleep and tomorrow when I go to class, my bread will be working it's buns off (heehee) to get ready to be baked in the oven. Hopefully there will be lots of air bubbles by the time I get home from class. I'm scared that the bread will be too dense because while I waited the 45 minutes for the yeast to do it's thing before mixing the rest of the flour, the mixture didn't have hardly as many bubbles forming as my first loaf did when I used water.

            I guess that's just my luck thinking that replacing water with more beer would be a terrific idea. However, there's no need to be worrying about the turn out of my beer bread being too dense when tomorrow hasn't even happened yet!

I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened. -Mark Twain

Monday, March 7, 2011


So maybe I happened to go to the new frozen yoghurt twice in one day, so what?!

This was actually Saturday

Life today was fun! Instead of waking up and having nothing but homework awaiting me, I woke up with a bright excitement for what the day might hold. I pouched my first egg without any assistance. I used a plastic bag and immersed the egg into boiling water for about 4 minutes. Still leaky in the middle, the little pillow shaped egg fit perfectly on my half-slice of naked (w/o butter) whole wheat toast.

After breakfast I went grocery shopping at the Co-Op. The oranges, homegrown and organic, were probably the best oranges I've bought in my life. These oranges are the kind of oranges that change your option if you are an orange-hater, like I've been. These oranges could have surpassed a slab of chocolate in my opinion. After buying oranges, apples, carrots, lettuce, flour, dry active yeast, and tomatoes I unloaded my food in my little kitchen cabniet and headed through the rain to a forest hike with some new friends. The hike was about 2 hours through the rain and mud, but it was fun, I think, I think. I went back to my apartment, dried off and looked at food blogs while trying to sleep.

At 3:30 I met Aud at a coffee shop in Eureka. Aud and I went to an animal shelter to look at the dog she wants to adopt. After we saw her dog and all the other dogs barking and crying, Aud and I went grocery shopping for some ingredients I needed to make my beer bread, which I am making for our Fat Tuesday get-together next week.

Aud and I then went to her house where we changed shoes into rain boots so we could safely take out the trash, it was pouring outside. Aud and her crafty boyfriend live in a magical wonderland filled with green grassy fields, ponds, gazebos, a sauna, a little floating cottage that sits on top of the pond with a bed inside it, and on and on with the awesome details. It looks like a mini 'Notebook' film set is what it looks like. What a romantic walk, even to take out the trash. Walking back from the compost pile and garden you see the most beautiful, deep green, forest backdrop behind their house. I'm happy that someone can live in such a place, even if it's not me.

For dinner Aud cooked pumpkin soup, mashed cauliflower/potatoes, artichokes, and fillets. Aud told me the pumpkin was from a friend's garden. I asked questions as she makes the soup. How much of this, how much of that. Turns out Aud's pumpkin soup was all eye-balling. One pumpkin, some onions, some garlic, some salt, some pepper, some cream, some blending, and some spices. Her mashed cauliflower/potatoes were delicious! They were some of the most creamy,  and the most tasty mashed mixture of vegetables I've ever had. Bethany and Jason were over for dinner too, so it was the five of us. Jon made strawberry-ginger beverages, mine was virgin. Bethany made a killer chocolate cake.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I finally scored myself a banjo! I'm so excited! Last night a recorded myself playing some banjo with guitar in the background. I covered Welcome Wagon song! A lot of the song is off tempo so I think I need to re-do it, but I had a fun time last night experimenting with my banjo. My friend Frazer sold me the banjo for $60, he also said he would help me with learning if I wanted -as well as borrow his bluegrass book! I am in the perfect friendship for wanted to better myself at banjo playing.

This weekend I plan on primarily playing my banjo. Can't wait till I can be in a fast pace bluegrass band!

Romans 12:2
Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

I've heard this verse from two people yesterday at random times. I was talking on the phone with my mom and then after the phone call decided to listen to a sermon from a church back home. The pastor used that verse that my mom has just quoted. I had an AH-HA moment. Being back in the word is so refreshing, I am so in love with God and everything that He does!