Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yo Gurt!

My roommate made a cheesy joke as we were reading NPR's recent article on how to make homemade yogurt. She was typing the word 'yogurt' while said aloud 'yogurt..Yo Gurt!' I thought it was super funny and decided that she would name her son (if she ever has one) Gurt. That way we could say 'Yo Gurt!' Get it? Like yogurt!

Tonight after eating lemon pudding with Kristen we began to make our very first batch of yogurt!

Basically all we did tonight is bring four cups of Non-Fat Humboldt milk to a boil and pour it into a plastic tupper-ware container. We waited until the hot milk had cooled down and was safe enough for a pinky finger to touch before we added 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt into the 4 cups of milk. By this time, the roommate had gone to bed so I was the one who added the yogurt cultures into the milk, put the lid on, wrapped it with blankets and placed it in the microwave.

Tomorrow morning will be a little like Christmas for me if my first yogurt attempt turns out.
By golly I'm so excited I don't want to sleep!