Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Arugula Soup

Today I made arugula soup from farmer's market arugula!

Olive oil
Two onions (I used one yellow and one red..because that's what I had)
4 cloves garlic
1/2 pound Arugula
2 cups Vegetable Broth (I actually used chicken broth)
1/2 milk/cream

Along with some olive oil, cook finely chopped onions and all four whole garlic cloves until vegetables are soft in soup-pot. Add arugula and broth to soup and cook until arugula is wilted and soup is hot. Add milk or cream (I used 2 percent milk). When soup is fully mixed and hot, little by little puree the soup. When all the soup is pureed then heat soup until it's at the temperature you like your soup at. I initially put in 2 cups of broth, but after I pureed the soup I added more to get the thickness that I wanted. Add salt and pepper to taste.

I got the recipe from a blog called The Gracious Bowl
I changed the recipe so I didn't have to go buy cream, more arugula, celery, butter, and vegetable broth. Also I made the recipe much smaller, but since I added more broth towards the end to thin the soup out there's still about 6-8 servings of soup!

It's strange how just a small amount of vegetables can make so much soup! I recommend my version soup for anyone that likes arugula and healthy tasting food. My version of this soup doesn't really have a creamy/buttery taste. So if you like yummy buttery/creamy soups then I say click that little blue link in the paragraph above.

Either way, I hope you grow some balls and try out this very very green soup.