Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Carrots, spicy salami, swiss cheese, grapefruit, and coffee..meal

Carrots, salami, swiss cheese, grapefruit, and coffee..meal by water your plants
I gather all the food I have in the fridge and pretend it's a meal...

This time I think it turned out pretty well.

I bought coffee today along with some spicy salami. I actually wished the salami was spicier. Oh well!

This week is a nice change from my very chaotic (but still very fun) weekend. I'm glad to be able to calm down about everything. The twitching under my right eye has died down. I feel a little more normal. I've taken the last day and a half to just relax, besides attending class. Tomorrow I need to get back to work! I also should be hearing back from a couple of jobs that I've applied for, so this week should answer a couple of my questions about where I'll be going in the Summer.

I need to pick up my banjo again and start feeling more comfortable with it. That's another thing I need to do.

This is a disorganized blog post, no real theme or plot, just sort of thinking as my fingers type out some of the thoughts bouncing around up there in my Wernicke's area.