Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter is tomorrow!

Easter Flowers by water your plants
Easter Flowers a photo by water your plants on Flickr.
Thanks mom for my Easter flowers! I walk around the house with them so they are never in a room alone. And so I can see them constantly. Tomorrow is Easter! Happy Easter! Last night I sat in bed thinking where Jesus was exactly on the second day. "And on the third day He resurrected" But what was he doing on the second day after his crucifiction? Was he nervous about coming back? Probably not. What he excited to see everyone again? ...Yay! I get to visit all those people who wanted me dead!..

Was he having a great time with God, having deep conversations in ..where ever God's favorite hangout place is.. before he had to come back to Earth? Do Jesus and God even have conversations? Aren't they supposed to be the same thing? Wouldn't it be like talking to yourself?