Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Makin Cocoa

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makin cocoa

My dad made real cocoa for my brother and I a couple months ago. When I sipped a sip of this delicious steaming hot cocoa he had made, I exclaimed "This tastes just like the real stuff!" My dad laughed a devastated laugh and replied "What! This IS the real stuff!" I guess me and my youthful nonsensical thinking had thought that nestle hot cocoa packets was the earliest origin of hot cocoa. Ridiculous I know, but I know I am not a fool. You are only a fool if continue in your foolishness. So, here I am correcting everything I thought about hot cocoa.

Recipe & Directions for REAL Cocoa:

Heat milk
Add a spoon full of natural unsweetened cocoa powder
Add sugar
Drink and smile.

It seems to me that cocoa is directly proportional to the viscosity of the beverage. So you want a thicker more chocolaty cocoa? Just add more cocoa powder! Or are you a wimp and can't take a rich tasting anything? Just add less cocoa.

Also sugar is directly proportional to how sweet your cocoa is. Imagine that! So you are a two year old and love deathly sweet cocoa? Just add a box or so of granulated sugar. Or are you a foodie (or try to be) and appreciate the finer things in life? Don't add any sugar and taste cocoa and milk at it's core.

Sip and savor, maybe even read about your savior! Ha.