Monday, April 25, 2011

Seder Dinner

Seder Dinner by water your plants

Seder Dinner actually happened April 18th. Seder is a Jewish ritual service and ceremonial dinner. While we were eating, Jason & Bethany read back and forth through a printed out packet of the traditional script of a Seder. Though none of us are Jewish (that I know of) we celebrate Jesus and everything He has done for us. We had to eat strange foods that symbolized things. For example we ate slices of horseradish to symbolize the tears and sweat of the slaves of Egypt. Also we had four glasses of wine throughout the dinner (Kadeish, Kos Sheini, Kos Shlishi, and Kos shel Eliyahu.) Yes, four.

It was a good time learning the traditions of Seder and spending time with close friends. And it turns out I like horseradish a little bit, even though my grandpa tells his grandchildren it puts hair on their chest.