Sunday, June 26, 2011

I read this and began to think

“I believe we actually honor God by just BEING ourselves and not some mini-version of Jesus. There’s only one Jesus just like there’s only one of you.”

“Thanks for saying Jesus was trying to leave so they wouldn’t build a religion around him.”

"The Rock of Offense is free love. And religion has done as much to squelch this message and create “us and thems” as it has to actually convey the good news."

-quotes from another blog taken from something else called 'Divine Nobody Teleconference Call' whatever that this, this is the blog, to be specific:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Practice Earl Grey Tea Cookies

Hello and welcome to Meredithsleptintoolateandisdoingnothingproductiveonherdayoff Day!!!
My plan was to wake up at 5AM and head north to Fern Canyon for some hiking, sadly I woke up at 12 PM. In the late afternoon I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee and knitting but alas, this too didn't end up happening. When the coffee date didn't pan out I rode my bike to the bank so I could go buy yarn for some washcloths I've been commissioned to make. However, when I locked my bike up and opened my backpack to get my wallet out, I found that I had completely forgotten my wallet. Frustrated and thirsty, I sipped on my water bottle as I rode my bike back across town back home. When I got home I made a phone call to figure out how to register for online classes in the Fall. After I had spent 20 minutes explaining my situation for the 30th time, Jeremy, the southern accented man I was talking to, told me that I needed to speak with the Financial Aid department to get the 'not coming' hold off my account. What in the world is a 'not coming' hold? Did they think that I spent all that time and effort to make sure all my information was in their system just so I could 'not come' to their University? Soon the southern accented man transferred me to the Financial Aid Department. The Financial Aid department told me the guy that takes the 'not coming' holds off accounts wasn't available and that at 9AM tomorrow I should try calling back after I go to and read the 'counseling session' and sign the 'promissory note'. So it's 4:30PM and I'm reading about student loans. A couple paragraphs later I decide to do a test run for Earl Grey Tea cookies that I am planning on making for someone next week.

So here I am making Practice Earl Grey Tea cookies..

After making cookies my friend Meghan notifies me of an outside concert in Old Town Eureka! So of course I thought that running over 7 miles would be the best mode of transportation. It's now 9:38PM and my legs are aching but at least I know that I could run a 5K if I needed to. Anyways my day was an unorganized sporadic mess and I had a good time.

Slip Cover Research

Why am I up this late learning how to make a slip cover for a couch...? I don't even own a couch.

Is it possible to make a slip cover for a couch that will later be pulled out into a bed? A bed couch? I imagine it would be a pain to have to remove the slip cover and then put on a bed spread every night before I wanted to hit the hay. What is the solution? Velcro is a thought I guess.

This is a picture of a breakfast in bed that I cooked for a bicycle couple that stayed in my bedroom for a week. They didn't literally stay in my bedroom for a week. Waffles with yogurt and/or hot maple syrup, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, sliced apples, and water. They were happy and in bed with breakfast that morning.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kristen's Children's Insert Poem by Mer

I am a young girl
I wonder if I'm doing things right
I hear David Bazan
I see tall trees
I want to have a good time
I pretend I'm comfortable around you
I am diffident when I can't be self-confident
I touch when I'm drunk
I worry sometimes
I cry when I'm upset
I am currently learning
I try to do my best
I dream of impact
I try to believe in what is beyond my senses
I say I'll do
I am currently learning

Thursday, June 2, 2011


M e r e d i t h
I n i t i a t i v e
C h e e s e

It's Meredith Initiative Cheese because I am taking it upon myself to learn from square one all the cheeses for the company. I thought it would be hilarious to name my underground cheese company 'MIC' because in microbiology, MIC is actually the lowest concentration of antimicrobial that will inhibit the visible growth of a microorganism after overnight incubation. Cheese making is an art of manipulating the bacteria to grow a certain way with different contributing variables and controls such as heat, humidity, the starter, the rennet, and time. So it's sort of titling the 'art of incubating bacteria' with a name that essentially means the inhibition of incubating bacteria. I may be as cheesy as my product...

Things I've mastered so far: Yogurt, Cream Cheese

These are some of the cheeses I'm interested in: cheddar, brie, cantal, cottage cheese, feta, gouda, gruyere, havarti, jack cheese, mozzarella, munster, provolone, ricotta