Thursday, June 23, 2011

Practice Earl Grey Tea Cookies

Hello and welcome to Meredithsleptintoolateandisdoingnothingproductiveonherdayoff Day!!!
My plan was to wake up at 5AM and head north to Fern Canyon for some hiking, sadly I woke up at 12 PM. In the late afternoon I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee and knitting but alas, this too didn't end up happening. When the coffee date didn't pan out I rode my bike to the bank so I could go buy yarn for some washcloths I've been commissioned to make. However, when I locked my bike up and opened my backpack to get my wallet out, I found that I had completely forgotten my wallet. Frustrated and thirsty, I sipped on my water bottle as I rode my bike back across town back home. When I got home I made a phone call to figure out how to register for online classes in the Fall. After I had spent 20 minutes explaining my situation for the 30th time, Jeremy, the southern accented man I was talking to, told me that I needed to speak with the Financial Aid department to get the 'not coming' hold off my account. What in the world is a 'not coming' hold? Did they think that I spent all that time and effort to make sure all my information was in their system just so I could 'not come' to their University? Soon the southern accented man transferred me to the Financial Aid Department. The Financial Aid department told me the guy that takes the 'not coming' holds off accounts wasn't available and that at 9AM tomorrow I should try calling back after I go to and read the 'counseling session' and sign the 'promissory note'. So it's 4:30PM and I'm reading about student loans. A couple paragraphs later I decide to do a test run for Earl Grey Tea cookies that I am planning on making for someone next week.

So here I am making Practice Earl Grey Tea cookies..

After making cookies my friend Meghan notifies me of an outside concert in Old Town Eureka! So of course I thought that running over 7 miles would be the best mode of transportation. It's now 9:38PM and my legs are aching but at least I know that I could run a 5K if I needed to. Anyways my day was an unorganized sporadic mess and I had a good time.