Monday, July 18, 2011

Officially Cheese Day!

Today is officially cheese day because it's my day off and when I woke up I decided to make cheese. I am actually making two cheeses at the same time! The first cheese I started to make should be ready in about a month. I think I might have messed up so we will see if the incubating goes haywire or not. I emailed the website author, I think he's a professor from a University in California, about the name of the cheese. He hasn't gotten back to me with an answer yet though. I am making the second cheese because I need to get rid of all the extra buttermilk I have. The cheese is called Fresh Buttermilk Cheese. I know that name makes no sense at all because buttermilk is just milk gone bad, so how in the world could that be fresh at all? But anyways, I am making Fresh Buttermilk Cheese as we speak. Also when I finish all the steps I need to do today I am going to get ready and head over to Loleta Cheese Factory! I am going to get a tour and maybe turn in my application. I am so excited to see how the professionals do it! I don't have any photos because it's just a bunch of milk mixtures breeding bacteria in covered pots right now. Doesn't sound pretty but it's the truth.