Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jonah & The Whale & The Housemates 

Tonight during a study break, I went downstairs to find my housemates learning about Jonah. They are going to teach the story to a bunch of little kids during Sunday school tomorrow morning. It was a great lesson for me to learn. It's a story about the Lord giving and the Lord taking away, and how in the midst of that giving and that taking, we are to be grateful and submissive. I used to have a hardened heart against the word 'submissive'. My mind would just shut down and I couldn't really clearly communicate why beyond the fact it was used against housewives. But here I am now, learning that submission and being adaptive is such a great way to love God. I listened to a sermon in a hot bath tonight, and it was about work, about slaves submitting to their masters. I am willing to be a slave to the only Great one. I am willing to put aside things and people and times so that I may follow through and stay on track with my part in His story, it is my duty.