Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pharmacy School

I'm thinking about Pharmacy school. I'm just thinking about it.

To find out where the Physician's orders mysteriously goes to be "filled" by the man under the curtain
To shine some light into the industry and learn more about pharmacokinetics
To fight for justice and the good of man kind 
To be the brains of the operation and not have to push intelligence into someone else's hands
To know I am trustworthy and dedicated

Pre-Req's left for Pharm program:

Chemistry I
Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry II
Calculus I
Calculus II

(if still thinking about this when you graduate in DEC 2013, apply to Humboldt and register for SEM I classes for the Spring Semester that started in Jan something..) ...take NCLEX before classes start, get an ED job, start classes

Calculus 1


SEM II (apply to Pharm school during this semester AUG 2014 (age 23) ):
Organic Chemistry
Calculus II

This is a competitive program that likes to accept people with Bachelors degrees already. I'll working as a nurse for 1-2 years in the ED while taking these classes and then apply during the second semester...! And finally I could be paying for everything myself (full time is 12hrs 3X/wk) and be saving money for Pharmacy school.

Other schools to check pre-req's and admission requirements for:
grad at 27/28
and then....Doctors without Borders!