Wednesday, October 24, 2012

screaming in starbux

At startbux today a mother with a baby and a four year old little girl hobbled in and found themselves a table. The mother immediately sat down at one chair while four year old little girl helped the baby put a pacifier into her mouth so she would stop crying. How sweet I thought. Even at young ages such as four, girls just seem to be so nurturing. Then a few minutes later out of the corner of my eye I saw the mother put a cloth over her shirt and start breast feeding her little baby....right in the middle of starbux. I mean I guess she had to..the baby was crying..and hungry. What was she going to do instead? Haul her four year old little girl, her infant baby in a baby carrier, her diaper bag, and her coffee all the way back to the car and breast feed and then come back in to starbux to finish her freezing cold coffee? I guess it made the most logical sense to just hunker down and do it right there. However a few minutes after the mother picked up the baby to breast feed, the four year old fell down off the chair and hit her head on the cold hard starbux linoleum floor. The four year old instantly started crying bloody murder and the other one closely followed in suit. Both of her babies were crying, because one was hungry and because one slammed her head on the ground. The mother couldn't pick up the four year old to console her since her other baby was still nursing, so she just sort of sat there. Terrified and exhausted. I There is a woman. That is mom power. Inspiring. Sacrificial. Loving. Wonderful. This is how two babies screaming bloody murder and a frazzled and over worked mother in starbux could look so much like Jesus to me.