Wednesday, November 21, 2012

henna hair dye

hi. i used to want my hair red for some reason and now i have this hair dye. so i figured, i'll just use it and get it over with. this hair dye is natural and good for your hair. this the before picture of my hair. i'll add another photo tomorrow of my hair, because i hear that the color develops overnight.
so this photo is actually a week or so after the dying process. i've gotten a lot of complements with people saying my hair looks really 'rich'. i think that that was what i was going for. i have had some random thoughts of dying my hair really blonde but after hearing time and time again of people spending 60-120$ every 6 weeks on their hair...i think i may stick with rich&natural colors that are much cheaper and WAY less maintenance! peace dudes.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I bought some meat

I bought some meat for the week.
I would say after a lot of thought, but it wasn't after that much thought. I bought some meat.
Some cow meat, salmon meat, and tuna meat.
I'm excited to start eating meat again.
My vegetarianism some how developed and evolved without me knowing
and now I'm here to take charge.

I'm here to take charge and start giving myself adequate amounts of protein.

And soon I'll take charge and be able to give myself adequate amounts of alcohol.

Cheers to renewal
Cheers to turning legal